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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Creaform’s CFD engineer specialists have years of experience in providing CFD consulting services for discerning manufacturers looking for best practices in numerical simulations.

Throughout your entire product development, product design or QC process, Creaform’s CFD consulting team can help you achieve aggressive product performance and quality levels by identifying ways to optimize your product designs and manufacturing methods. We are proud members of the International Association for the Engineering Modeling Analysis and Simulation Community (NAFEMS).

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Using the latest CFD software, Creaform excels at all types of Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations—no matter how complex or critical your project is:

  • Steady state and transient CFD simulations of internal/external liquid and gas flows
  • Analysis, design and optimization of immersed or surrounding components
  • Optimal turbulence modeling approaches: RANS, URANS, RSM, LES, DES
  • Incompressible, transonic and compressible flows
  • Rotating equipment and moving bodies
  • Multiple reference frames, rotating and sliding interfaces, deformable meshes
  • Fluid-structure interaction
  • Heat transfer and thermal modeling
  • Multiphase and free surface flows
  • Flow mixing

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Learn more about how Creaform has helped manufactures in different business sectors with their CFD simulations.


Creaform has an extensive and multidisciplinary team of CFD analysis experts who can be outsourced for quick, short-term work or complex, long-term projects. Here are some of the positions that can be outsourced:

  • Junior CFD engineer
  • Senior CFD engineer


Whether you are an SMB or multi-national company, count on Creaform’s experts to train your staff on a variety of topics related to CFD analysis.

Our training programs come in a variety of packages and feature: theory, written exercises, hands-on practice, real-life case studies and much more!

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Creaform not only develops but also specializes in the world’s most often-used software solutions for manufacturing and quality control:

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"Integrating several innovations into a LEED certified building has brought many risks. We had to ensure the compatibility of the different innovations and validate the global performance of the systems. Performing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analyses was for us the fastest and most efficient way to validate these concepts and mitigate the risks. Creaform Engineering's numerical simulation team impressed us not only with their unique expertise, but also with their passion."
- Carl Gauthier, Associate Director, LGT Inc.
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