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The project

Our customer, Rotobec Inc., a manufacturer of material handling equipment, teamed up with CREAFORM in order to perform the design and the structural validation of a loader with a lifting capacity of 16,000 pounds (7,272 kg) at a height of 34 feet (10.3 m), which could be operated within a tight space given the large size of the machine. The new loader is designed with the same criteria of strength and durability than the current Rotobec loaders that have been the #1 choice of North American consumers for several years.

The loader, which was installed in a foundry, at the end of a molding line for mining industry replacement parts, also had to resist to an abrasive environment and high temperatures.

Our mandate encompassed the whole design phase, from generating concepts to delivering the plans, sealed by an engineer. Thus, we started with designing and optimizing the geometries, hydraulic power and pivot points of the loader, in order to obtain an optimal lifting capacity.

Once the concept was viable, a large-scale CAD work ensued, to create mechanical structures, integrate hydraulic components and provision accessories such as the control cabin, air conditioning, security grids, etc.

With a direct remote connection to the Rotobec PLM database, CREAFORM mechanical designers and engineers have worked in close collaboration with Rotobec engineering team to develop the best product for the specific application in a tight schedule. Finite elements models built on Femap and computed with Nastran have been used to increase the efficiency of the design as well as allowed the resolution of specific issues throughout the process. Static linear and non-linear finite elements analysis has been used to validate the strength of the entire machine with precise and complete stress evaluation for the hydraulic lift capacity.

Services provided

  • Project management
  • Mechanical design including structures, hydraulic rooting, mechanisms, etc.
  • 3D and 2D CAD drawings including general assembly drawing (NX)
  • Lift capacity analysis and optimisation of geometry using analytic approach
  • Preliminary analysis and structural recommendations prior to design
  • Finite element modeling using strict standards (NEi Nastran)
  • Static linear and non-linear analysis
  • Factor of safety calculations for metallic and interface joints (fasteners, pins)
  • Results presentation to the customer and production of a final reports

Tools and Methods Used

  • Femap
  • NEi Nastran
  • NX
  • Static linear and non-linear analyses

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