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Structural validation of a power transformer

ABB teamed up with CREAFORM to design and validate the structure of a power transformer subjected to the Ontario Building Code (OBC) requirements. Ansys simulations were used to determine the stresses and modal behavior of the transformer. Dead load, climatic, hydrostatic pressure as well as siesmic load cases have been applied and combined to evaluate the structural strength of the assembly based on resistance criteria defined by CSA-S16 – Design of Steel Structure. Finite element modeling allowed to address the strength of the structural components, welds, bolted joints and determine reaction loads. From the initial design, mass and strength optizations and recommendations have been made to end up with a better final design for manufacturing.

Service provided

  • Complete finite element modeling of the assembly;
  • Modal analysis;
  • Quasi-static analysis;
  • Literature review to determine requirements;
  • Margins of safety calculation for metallic components and interface joints;
  • Results presentation to the customer and production of a final report;
  • Structural recommendation for design optimization.

Tools and Methods Used

Based on the client’s needs, Creaform used the following tools and methods:

  • Ansys
  • NX
  • Linear, Modal and Seismic Analysis