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Dimensional Management

Dimensional Management

Dimensional management allows the effective management of deviations induced by the different manufacturing processes to obtain a product that is less sensitive to variation.

Whether it is for product development or solving assembly problems for existing products, Creaform Engineering’s team of experts can support you in your projects.

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We understand the economic impact an assembly problem can have on your projects. Our dimensional management specialists define the critical characteristics and propose relevant and customized solutions to your challenges, such as :

  • Defining all needs and tooling design
  • Identifying assembly functional elements and critical dimensions
  • Determining the critical characteristics for assembly
  • Establishing assembly sequence and positioning strategy (blocking degrees of freedom)
  • Analyzing variations and distribution tolerances of manufacturing processes
  • Validating concepts before production
  • Applying functional tolerances (GD&T) according to ASME Y14.5
  • Solving dimensional problems
  • Preparing an inspection plan and analyzing reports
  • Virtually assembling complex parts to evaluate the fit between them.


Take a look at some of our latest dimensional management case studies.

Prevent variations by integrating dimensional management at the beginning of your process!


Training offered in Dimensional Management

Regardless of the size of your company, you can count on Creaform Engineering experts to train your staff on a variety of topics related to Dimensional Management and Tolerances.

Our training programs come in a variety of packages and features including theory, written exercises, hands-on practice, real-life case studies and much more !

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Our dimensional management team specializes in the world’s most often-used software solutions:

Overcome your Dimensional Management challenges

Trust Creaform Engineering expertise to define your assembly strategy in order to obtain the best results !

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