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For more than a decade now, Creaform has been involved in projects of all sizes with major players in the transportation industry. We're committed to overcoming even the most difficult of requirements and standards.

Regardless of the type of vehicle, its components, use case or regulatory standards with which it must operate, you can count on our transportation specialists for their effectiveness, thoroughness and professionalism.

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Our expertises in Transportation


We provide a variety of design services for the transportation industry, including:

  • Train/bus interiors and furniture
  • Industrial design and styling
  • Advanced surfacing for external panels and interior trims of subways
  • Adaptation of boat designs and marine engineering to regional standards or requirements
  • Integration of Creaform transportation engineering specialists into project teams
  • Prototyping and design reviews
  • 3D models from 2D drawings (retrofitting) for cars
  • Electrical routing and schemes


Creaform’s engineering services can give you the edge you need for all your transportation projects:

  • Complex fabrication tooling and inspection fixtures
  • Methods and complex part nomenclature
  • Instrumentation schematics
  • Safety and security, maximum loading certification
  • Quality control methods
  • Sourcing


Entrust your projects in the transportation sector with our simulation team for:

  • Structural simulation (FEA)
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Dynamic analysis (random vibration, frequency response)
  • Explicit solving (drop tests, crash tests, high-velocity impacts)
  • NVH simulation and expertise
  • Non-linear simulations (static, transient, inertial)
  • Mechanical fatigue and life prediction analysis
  • Certification for transportation standards by professional engineers: APTA, IEC, ASTM, CSA

Our projects

Best-in-class, leading transportation manufacturers take advantage of Creaform’s ideas that move people and things.

Bold ideas. Brilliant engineering.

Contact us today to find out how Creaform’s engineering services can help you achieve new breakthroughs.

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