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Consumer goods

Consumer goods

Creaform has a very wide expertise in product development. We carry out numerous projects for major companies from the consumer goods industry, always remaining atop of current production and manufacturing standards.

Creaform can meet all of your product development and design needs, and guarantees the expected results, whether for developing a new product or optimizing an existing product. Our design team knows how to adapt to a customer’s design requirements.

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Our expertises in consumer goods


We provide a variety of design services for the consumer goods industry, including:

  • Industrial design
  • Ideation and product positioning
  • Sketches and rendering for product orientation and brand definition
  • Ergonomic studies using virtual and physical mock-ups.
  • Advanced 3D surface models
  • Styling surfaces
  • Class A surfaces
  • Interpretation of 2D drawings and sketches, conversion to 3D
  • Best-in-class 3D scanning capacities and reverse modeling
  • Clay modeling
  • Packaging design


Creaform’s engineering services can give you the edge you need for all your product development projects:

  • Complete design of any components (sheet metal, tubing, injection molding, thermoforming, die casting, machining etc.)
  • Complex mechanical system design and assembly
  • Electrical system design and integration
  • 2D drawings
  • Tooling design for production
  • Mold design and thermal analysis
  • On-site client mandates (short- or long-term)


Entrust your product development projects with our simulation team for:

  • Drop test/impact simulation using explicit solving
  • Non-linear stress analysis for plastics or composites behavior prediction
  • Weight reduction using optimization tools and methods
  • Heat exchange optimization for components cooling
  • Loadcase envelope determination
  • Testing procedures and methodologies
  • Physical testing for simulation correlation and life prediction

Our projects

Our product design and development teams have helped consumer goods manufacturers secure a leadership position in their respective markets. 

Ensure customer-centric product design

Drive innovation and market growth thanks to our product design and development services.

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