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Advanced technologies

Advanced technologies

Creaform is an established leader in developing disruptive technologies for the 3D measurement market. Many renowned companies and start-ups continuously work with our engineering services team to develop products that require a high level of engineering expertise.

We can help you with medical or pharmaceutical technologies, opto-mechanical devices, sterilization/disinfection devices, energy and power generation technologies, electronic hardware, and high-accuracy measuring devices.

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Our expertises in Advanced technologies


We provide a variety of design services for advanced technologies, including:

  • Product branding and facelifts
  • Ergonomic studies
  • Competition benchmarks and analyses
  • Prototyping and visual mock-ups


Creaform’s engineering services can give you the edge you need for any projects involving high-tech and advanced technologies:

  • Component design and material selection
  • 3D models on any major CAD platform
  • Kinematics simulation for complex assemblies
  • Complex mechanical system design and assembly
  • Electrical system design and integration


Entrust your projects in advanced technologies with our simulation team for:

  • Various electrical testing processes
  • Increase heat exchange using CFD simulation
  • Dynamic environment simulation
  • Drop test simulation using explicit FEA
  • Weight reduction using finite element analysis
  • Fatigue analysis for product life extension

Our projects

Creaform’s engineering services has an extensive track record in the high-tech industry. 

Stay in the hi-tech lead with Creaform’s engineering services

The fast-pace high-tech sector shows no signs of slowing down. Partner with us and maintain a competitive edge in your unique high-tech sector.

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