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Heavy industries

Heavy industries

Heavy industries usually entail a complexity that goes far beyond other sectors, due to very harsh environments, large-scale projects, and oversized, rugged equipment.

Creaform provides end-to-end engineering services for heavy industries. Our technical expertise and up-to-date knowledge on the latest standards make us your go-to partner for any project that needs to stand up to the test.

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Our expertises in Heavy industries


We provide a variety of design services for the heavy equipment industry, including:

  • Layout, sketches and 3D rendering
  • Ergonomic studies for vehicles and equipment
  • Branding and image creation for new equipment
  • 3D/2D plant layouts


Creaform’s engineering services can give you the edge you need for all your heavy industry projects:

  • Project management
  • Factor of safety calculations
  • Preliminary analysis and structural recommendations prior to design
  • Mechanical design including structures, hydraulic rooting, mechanisms, etc.
  • 3D and 2D CAD drawings
  • Lift capacity analysis and optimisation of geometry
  • Occupational Safety and Health analyses


Entrust your heavy industry projects with our simulation team for:

  • Finite element modeling using strict standards with accurate results
  • ROPS calculation and validation using following OHSA standards and ISO 3471:2008
  • Below-the-hook lifting devices calculations following ASME B30.20-2010
  • Static linear and non-linear analysis
  • CFD analysis for heat exchange, wind factors loading, mixing optimization and process efficiency
  • LNG vessels stress analysis and leakage
  • Dynamic stress analysis to reduce vibration on equipment and extend useful life

Our projects

No projects in heavy industries are too big or complex for Creaform’s engineering services. 

Robust engineering services for the heaviest of jobs

Contact Creaform’s engineering services today for your next heavy industry project.

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