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We can help you improve your manufacturing processes and lower your production and quality costs by providing you pragmatic, cost-effective and forward-thinking advice. 

In addition, for all your staffing needs, we have over 150 in-house professionals and technicians with decades of experience in many manufacturing fields. We can quickly mobilize the staff you need to work directly in your plant, assembly or production line.

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Our expertises in Manufacturing


We provide a variety of design services for the manufacturing sector, including:

  • Ergonomic studies for work stations
  • 3D scanning for plant layouts
  • 3D or 2D drawings of plants for preliminary design specifications


Creaform’s engineering services can give you the edge you need for all your manufacturing projects:

  • Automation, reconstruction and modernization of equipment
  • Securing and improving work operations
  • Methods and complex part nomenclature
  • Instrumentation schematics
  • Safety and security; maximum loading certification
  • Assembly line productivity improvement
  • Design work coordination and preparation of drafts, plans and specifications
  • Auditing for Occupational Health and Safety standards
  • Quality control methods
  • Sourcing


Entrust your manufacturing projects with our simulation team for:

  • Below-the-hook lifting device calculations following ASME B30.20-2010
  • CFD analyses for heat exchange, mixing optimization, HVAC and process efficiency
  • Various stress analysis for lifting devices, tooling or structures 

Our projects

Creaform’s engineering prowess and manufacturing services have positively impacted companies of all sizes and types.

Redefining manufacturing engineering consulting

Don’t rely on office-bred manufacturing consultants. Work with our team that has real field expertise. Collaborate with us today.

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