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Staffing services

Staffing services

Looking for fresh ideas? Need to resolve an unusual issue? Want to validate your assumptions? Scrambling to fulfill critical positions due to unexpected work peaks, staff shortages or a lack of expertise?

Creaform’s staffing services can quickly find the expert or team you need to overcome any staffing challenge. Because we directly manage a team of outsourceable experts in a variety of fields, we can provide lightening-speed turnaround times for any project scale.

Here are the types of experts we readily have on hand for staffing solutions:

  • Mechanical engineers and technicians
  • Electrical engineers and technicians
  • Automation engineers and specialists
  • Reverse engineering specialists
  • Project managers
  • Advanced surface modellers
  • CAD experts
  • Industrial designers
  • FEA engineers
  • CFD engineers

Have urgent short- or long-term staffing needs?

Creaform staffing services gives you fast access to top experts in engineering services and for any step of your engineering or product development process.

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