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Industrial automation

Industrial automation

Creaform works hand in hand with manufacturers of all types and in a multitude of industries to provide strategic direction, planning and execution of any industrial automation project.

Our specialized knowledge and hands-on approach give you peace of mind knowing that our intervention will not only take into account your distinct manufacturing context but also address your overall business goals.

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Our industrial automation expertise

With Creaform’s industrial automation services, we provide the concrete steps you need to design, validate and implement either an entire automation strategy—or a specific area of your plant. The overall benefits? Cost reduction, less human errors, increased output, and improved production capacity and consistency.

We help you achieve striking manufacturing performance thanks to our full range of services to help you develop projects in control system design, automation and robotics:

  • Interpretation and design of automated systems from specifications
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC) programming and standardization
  • Piping and instrument diagram (P&ID) design
  • Process optimization and reduction of production disruptions
  • Improvement of equipment safety, risk analysis and implementation of safety measures
  • Data collection and archiving
  • Design of clear and simple user interfaces
  • OEM software optimization with Visual Basic (VB.NET) to meet the clients’ unique needs
  • Industrial robot integration and programming
  • Design of communication protocols between all types of equipment
  • Remote control via Internet or phone
  • Integration of automated validation systems with Creaform’s scanners

Our projects

Creaform has achieved major industrial automation projects the world over.

There is no process automation too big or complex for Creaform

An upcoming process automation project can be daunting. Creaform’s experts will provide the additional foresight you need and ease the transition.

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