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The project

Our customer, a world leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of motorized recreational vehicles, teamed up with Creaform to develop a rooftop for its ROV platform. Working closely with the customer’s industrial design team, Creaform’s mandate was to convert and model the accessory in 3D using CATIA V5.

Starting with 2D sketches and guidelines from the industrial design team, Creaform had to interpret the design intentions in order to generate an aesthetical and high-quality “A” surface. From these “A” surfaces, the engineering team had to develop the internal features to ensure proper stiffness and resistance to the various loads the product would see through its life. Once all the parts were completed, approved and ready for molding, Creaform generated the 2D drawings.

Services provided

  • Industrial design 2D sketch interpretation and conversion into 3D models
  • Advanced surface modeling
  • Plastic components design, including draft angle validation

Tools and Methods Used

Based on the client’s needs, Creaform used the following tools and methods:

  • CATIA V5 Freestyle

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