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Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering

In today’s market, manufacturers of all types need to manage the pressures of rising costs, increasing competitiveness and managing margins.

Creaform has built a solid reputation for its mechanical engineering services, enabling clients to optimize their engineering processes, shorten project timelines, reduce costs, improve the utilization of their resources and—ultimately—jumpstart their efficiency while broadening their market share.

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Our mechanical engineering expertise

With Creaform’s mechanical engineering services, you can achieve cost-effective innovations with your mechanical designs—today. The depth and scope of our capabilities go beyond traditional providers. Our diversified resources pool allows us to be extremely reactive and versatile for our customer product development process. Whether it be for a product update or a brand new product we excel at:

  • Conducting research into the feasibility, design, operation and performance of mechanisms, components and systems
  • Planning and managing projects, cost and timing estimates, reports and design specifications for machinery and systems
  • Designing machines, components, tools, fixtures and equipment
  • Analyzing dynamics and vibrations of mechanical systems and structures
  • Developing maintenance standards, schedules and programs and provide guidance to industrial maintenance crews
  • Investigating mechanical failures or unexpected maintenance problems
  • Selecting materials for product specifications in terms of durability, weight, cost and safety

Our projects

While we may offer mechanical engineering services, there is nothing mechanical (read: one-size-fits-all) about our approach. View our latest custom mechanical design projects with our clients.

There is a better way. With Creaform’s mechanical engineering services.


Creaform has an extensive and multidisciplinary team of mechanical engineers who can be outsourced for quick, short-term work or complex, long-term projects. Here are some of the positions that can be outsourced:

  • Mechanical engineer
  • Mechanical design engineer
  • Mechanical engineering technician


Whether you are an SMB or multi-national company, count on Creaform’s experts to train your staff on a variety of topics related to mechanical engineering.

Our training programs come in a variety of packages and feature: theory, written exercises, hands-on practice, real-life case studies and much more!

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Creaform’s entire engineering services team specializes in the world’s most often-used software solutions:

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